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Alpair 12

Alpair 12P is the flagship from Markaudio. Never before has any manufacturer of speakers managed to reach such a frequency range with only one cone of 8 inch size in a mass produced product. There is no coaxially mounted tweeter or whizzer, just pure sound from one large multiresonant cone.

The result is an amazing dynamic. Alpair 12P delivers a remarkable sound clarity with great detail and musical realism. The special paper used for the cone is light as a feather and gives remarkable speed in response plus a high efficiency of 92 dB (1W/m)

Alpair 12 has been tested by leading Japanese experts who concludes that Alpair 12 is in a league of its own, no matter what price range, we are talking about. The distortion is extremely low and the dispersion of the sound is remarkable even when Alpair 12 is compared to extreme expensive handbuilt units.

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Alpair 12P is used in Quali-fi's top of the line Händel Horn 12. It can be used in traditional bas-reflex cabinets, but will shine in transmissionline or horn cabinets.


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