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Speaker units Markaudio

Markaudio full-range units

Markaudio full-range speaker units from Hong Kong are in a league of their own. Mark Fenlon can do things with design of electro-mechanical systems and cones that not many can.

Rather than repeating the whole story here we would recommend that the technically interested among you head over to Markaudio's website here... and read his own words.

To us a number of characteristics were crucial

  • The membrane or cone is designed and built in a unique way with an advanced multi-layered process that makes is exceptionally stable in despite the very thin design. We believe however that the cone's most outstanding feature is the design in which the curve that the cone expands along consists of a very complex figure with seven segments where most speaker units only have one or two. This provides the unusual three-dimensional experience of the sound.
  • Suspension and spider are both ultra light and very soft moving back and forth but controls the cone very accurately laterally. This provides an excellent transient reproduction because it is very easy for the amplifier to get the speaker membrane to move excatly to where the music tells it to. Heavy membranes and rigid suspension wil give you slower transients.
  • The center cap together with the cone's multi resonante properties is what makes i possible for single unit to cover the entire audible range with a good spread of sound too.

There is no doubt that our cooperation with Markaudio is a key ingredient to our objective of delivering compelling sound for music lovers. Our first prototypes with other units were somewhat tame compared to the result, we now have.

There are many exciting new products coming from Markaudio and we will keep you up to date here.


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